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Emtech Works we have experience in the field of mechanical, electrical, plumbing installation and repairs. We can any kind of work that falls in our sector, for the purpose the direct service of our customers. The individuals who are employed in Emtech Works and our partners are highly trained, possess all necessary permits and specialized knowledge aimed always achieving excellent results.

Combining excellent knowledge and experience with the appropriate people, we stand next to each client who trusts us, from the moment of taking up a project until after its completion. Building confidence and trust relationships with our customers, is what keeps us on top of the preferences and gives us impetus to constantly evolve. 

Vision and Values

Is to be the most reliable and unequivocal choice in conducting mechanical, electrical, plumbing installation and repairs. Based on our customers’ needs, we constantly follow the changes of a rapidly developing technological environment, always providing the best products and services at the best prices.

The Founder

Emtech Works was founded by the experienced Cypriot technician, Emilios Hadjitheophanous. The owner has extensive experience in mechanical, electrical, plumbing installation and repairs in the Cyprus market. In the beginning, he created a small business with a few partners, which engaged mechanical, electrical and plumbing. As time passes, the demand on services offered by the company is growing and EMTECH WORKS LTD, constantly grows and gains new partners all over Cyprus.

Despite the evolution and development of the company, the owner always remains faithful to his original values. Maintaining the emphasis on human needs and investing in reliability and honesty during the years, it is constantly enriched by the freshness of new technologies and modern products. The ever experienced partners selected personally by the company's founder, support and follow his vision of combining top expertise, high quality products and competitive prices, building trust with each individual customer.


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